New Builds

SJC Group deliver a holistically realised project, from initial concept and planning to expert construction and decoration. Our staff utilise their specialist skills to deliver every aspect of the project with efficiency and finesse.

Our New build services include:

  • Architectural Design: Our architects are ready to survey your property, discussing your plans and advising you on your options. From here, we will develop in-depth architectural drawings and a full plan for your project.
  • Planning Applications: We identify and take care of all planning permission requirements, so your project is ready to take place as soon as possible.
  • Project Management: Throughout each project we undertake, expert project management ensures every member of the team assigned to your development works with a clear goal.
  • Demolition and Clearance: We provide efficient demolition and clearance if required.
  • Construction Work: The staff members we choose for your project will bring the specialist skills needed for every aspect of the work at hand, to ensure smooth results.