London Festival of Architecture 2017: Events not to be missed!

London Festival of Architecture

Architecture in London: construction and history go hand in hand as character properties are a key feature in this year’s London Festival of Architecture.

Many of the best designed and built properties in the world can be found in London, each with individual memories. As well as the prominent architectural landmarks – Big Ben, St. Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey – London is home to some impeccably designed historic homes and structures.

This makes memories a fitting theme for this year’s London Festival of Architecture which runs through the month of June. With over 500 events taking place, this one is set to be the biggest yet! It will explore the collective works of architecture in London’s most prestigious locations – celebrating lost memories in the big city.

Having designed some of the most prestigious properties across London, we know a thing or two about the highest quality construction work. With architectural yoga classes at Sir Soane’s Museum, a tour around London’s remaining music halls and a big city bake off in store this month, it’s safe to say we’re excited.

Here are some of the top events that are not to be missed:

1) Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery is a classic example of gallery architecture in the capital. A tour will take place around the pavilion in the grounds of the Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London. There will be an introduction to the history of the building including key facts around the building presented ahead of a practical workshop. An interactive workshop will allow guests to bring their creations to life on glass panels to add to the existing architecture of the building.

2nd June – 8th October

2) Smellery of Smithfield

Delve into the memories of Smithfield in what is described as an ‘olfactory adventure!’ What is described as a smellscape will be available offering up significant memories of the building – which is set to be transformed into a museum. Perhaps one of the most exciting, and visually intriguing events of the month, this is one not to be missed. Where will your nose take you?

5th – 20th June

3) School of Architecture

Recent graduates of the London School of Architecture are set to exhibit at the London Festival of Architecture for onlookers to see. The themes will be New Living, Creating Culture and Future Amenity. Their pieces will include examples of these issues regarding climate change, population growth, as well as inequalities in income and healthcare.

23rd – 25th June

4) Temple of Tongue

Calling all foodies in London. You don’t want to miss this tour around Bompas and Par, the globally recognised food-based design studio! Their ‘sensual and provocative installation; exhibition, Temple of Tongue is a treat for the taste buds! Visitors will be invited to explore a selection of flavour-based combinations created by Bompas and Par over the past decade.

19th – 22nd June

5) Concreate Paintings

As the name suggests, this event is focused on concreate structures in London including Trellick Tower and Robin Hood Gardens. These captivating structures are brought to life in paintings by Charlie Warde, which are on display throughout the festival at the Another Country Showroom.

1st – 30th June

If you’re feeling inspired following these impressive architectural events, then perhaps it’s time to transform your London property. At SJ Construction, we specialise in providing residential and commercial clients alike with bespoke architectural solutions to complement their personal tastes and lifestyle. Get in touch with our architectural experts for an initial discussion on how we can bring your vision of the perfect home to life.

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