Design and Build Engineering

Making sure your project is planned and delivered with precision is what our experienced engineering team bring to your design and build project. They have the ability to undertake a range of complex projects, from basement conversions to specialist work on period properties.

What makes us the design and build company for you?

Do a quick search for London design and build companies – you are spoilt for choice. What makes SJ Construction different? Why should you choose us above all others? If you use a combined design and build business, they may not have an in-house engineer, meaning further contracting.

In this case, you are provided with a full team of industry experts who are all specialists in their field.  Our engineers collaborate with the rest of the team to provide a seamless design and build process.

Let’s break it down for you…

Your SJ engineer will help you with every stage of the process along with our qualified team of project managers, interior designers and construction workers. Here is what our engineers can bring to your project:

  • Expert Engineering – Go through fine details of your project to identify cost saving opportunities where possible.
  • Precision Planning – SJ engineers will take your concept and transform it into detailed construction plans to make the design and build process operate faster and smoother.

Save time, money and enjoy the design and build process with the help of a qualified SJ engineer. Contact our professional team to discover what the expertise a full-service design and build team can bring to your next project.

Design and Build Engineering