The Design and Build Approach

5 Advantages of Luxury Design and Build Construction

When embarking on a home improvement project of any size, it’s natural for you to start planning for the finished result long before construction has even started. This article will discuss the benefits of appointing a qualified design and build professional with the expertise needed to map out the entire process from start to finish, resulting in excellently design results that deliver on your expectations; a standard that our Clients receive at all times. Here are the top five benefits:

1) A full-service team of specialists

Will this million-dollar project be designed just as you envisioned? It will if you engage with a specialist design and build firm. That’s because you are investing your time into a full-service team with experience in working together to bring your vision to life. You are no longer juggling relationships between your chosen designer and contractor; it’s a streamlined process.

2) One contract

Design-build generates a single contract between yourself and the business owner who will manage your project. The owner is responsible for the work of this in completing your project on time and to your exacting standards. This approach generates impressive results: Reduced construction time, smooth delivery and exceptional standards.

3) Less for you to worry about

Much of what falls on your shoulders as the property owner is now the responsibility of the design and build company. Never again will you have to manage the delivery of projects across multiple companies. Tell us what you want to achieve, share your vision and goals for the final result, and we’ll bring it to life – simple.

4) Expertise

How do we guarantee results? We’re experts in all areas of design and build. Our London architects have formal training and experience in this field of work. They also have a knowledge of the construction process and understand how buildings are developed with high standards in mind.

There is a huge advantage of working with architects who can think like builders and builders who understand the architectural process. Two heads are better than one, right? That is the gist of appointing a design and build team to manage your project. Having builders that have the same level of knowledge as professional architects can have financial benefits too. This brings us on to point five, cost savings.

5) Cost savings

You benefit from a collective team that optimises the value of your property investment. There’s no longer a reason to separate the design and construction team. A cooperative approach to property development will save time and money.

SJ Construction is an example of a luxury home improvement business, based in the heart of central London, that has been using the design and build route for over ten years. By project managing the whole build and combining our expertise, we guarantee your project will be delivered to the highest standards, on time and within agreed budgets. Let’s discuss your next project.

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